Educational References


Shamou has worked with K-12 schools in the Boston, San Francisco, Florida, and  Portland, ME; Harvard, Wellesley, and Bates Colleges, and with many other accredited institutions. Educational refererences are available.

“Although several weeks have passed since you were here, the children are still raving about your performance and asking for your return. This speaks volumes about the effectiveness of your presentation, your ability to reach an audience with the power of music, and your considerable interpersonal skills.”
Andrew Chipman, Music Teacher
Riverton School and Community Center
Portland, ME

“Your presentation was cultural, as well as musical, and would be a terrific addition to any schools curriculum.”
Ellie Miller
Levey Day School
Portland, ME

“Shamou exhibited a quality that is essential for persons working with small children and that is his sincere appreciation of who these young ones are. He made the learning experience fun and also an outlet for burgeoning talent.”
Alfredo Nunez, Principal
Agassiz Community School
Jamaica Plain, MA

“I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s fantastic performance. You were so wonderful with the children – a natural teacher.”
Jennifer Ellis, Troop Leader
Girls Scouts of Maine
Falmouth, ME

“Shamou was able to share his love of music and rhythm and all the dancers walked away from their experience much richer. Not only was Shamou wonderful as a musician, but he was able to impart and overall feeling of accomplishment.”
Kathy Follensbee, Director
Dr, Phillips High School Dance Magnet
Orlando, FL

“Your support, encouragement and creative energy have added so much to the spirit of the dance department and we are extremely grateful.”
Yasuko Tokunaga, Chair, Dance Department
The Boston Conservatory
Boston, MA

“In addition to being a versatile and accomplished musician, Shamou is a natural teacher.  His presence in a room focuses attention, creating and atmosphere of expectation and interest. Students are drawn to him and willing to follow him into unknown territories as he invites everyone to partake in making of music.”
Carol Dilley, Dance Program
Bates College
Lewiston, ME