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Barbara Truex has been a performing musician since the 1960's, She is active in a wide range of musical genres and contexts. Recognized as an innovator for her use of the dulcimer in jazz, pop, free improvisational music and other settings beyond the familiar folk and traditional realms. She has extensive experience working with dance and theater ensembles, both as a composer and on stage musical accompanist. As a recording artist Ms. Truex has been involved with many projects for other artists as well as her own solo and group releases.

Barbara Truex has taught guitar, dulcimer, music theory and improvisation for over 25 years. She teaches through private instruction, workshops, and school residencies. She was the founding director of the Northeast Dulcimer Symposium from 1982-1999

As a theatrical sound designer, Truex has worked with many southern Maine theaters and dance companies including Mad Horse Theatre Company, The Theater Project, Portland Stage Company, Acorn Productions, Veronica Sacred Arts, and Ram Island Dance. She frequently composes original scores and often performs the scores live for productions. She is an ensemble member of the Mad Horse Theatre Company.

Also a radio DJ, she has been involved with WMPG FM in Portland, Maine, for over 15 years. She currently hosts a weekly program entitled "Crossfade" on Wednesday mornings from 10:30 to noon. The program focuses on world music and explores the boundaries between genres and interesting collaborations with musicians from different cultures.

She has recorded two albums: On The Button (Heartwood Records) and Scene & Heard, Music for American Theatre 1999-2002 (ARS Music), both available through www.woodstockcd.com and www.cdbaby.com. She has produced recordings for Nick Humez, www.mythsongs.com, Veronica Sacred Arts, and the Maine Composers Forum.

Truex currently performs regularly with Loopin', with a focus on the electric dulcimer and vocals, and plays rub-board and assorted percussion for The Maine Squeeze, a group of accordion players.


 Mountain dulcimers*, guitar, banjo and baritone ukuleles, percussion, voice, and other assorted fretted instruments.

 [* including a unique, solid bodied, electric]