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Loopin’ band members individually conduct workshops, which can be arranged in conjunction with performances.   For more complete information and to make inquiries please contact us.  The following descriptions are some examples:


Shamou leads workshops for students of all ages.

Getting on the Groove – Understanding Rhythm.
This workshop looks at the fundamental rhythmic structure of percussive music.  Through a hands-on exploration of various percussion instruments, body rhythms and vocal sounds students develop their knowledge and rhythmic skills. (Designed for all ages.)

Drums of the World
This presentation introduces various percussion and melodic instruments from around the globe. Included are performances of several short pieces accompanied by geographic and cultural information to help students identify the instruments and their origin on the map of the world.  Students are invited to have a hands-on experience of these instruments.  This program is designed to increase knowledge of world music and provide an overview of the link between different cultures through the global language of music: RHYTHM. (Designed for K-12 students.)

Body Music
This workshop explores the fundamental rhythmic structure of percussive music using the body as an instrument.  Using clapping, stomping and vocal exercises, experimentation with the sounds of different body parts and melody making with found objects, we create musical scores in the mode of STOMP. This is a fun and engaging approach to building an understanding and appreciation for rhythm and music. (Designed for high school, college and adult students)

Hand Drumming
This workshop is geared to beginning and intermediate hand drummers interested in honing their technique and rhythmic skills. This is a 10-week workshop series that draws on the traditions of West African, Middle Eastern and Caribbean rhythms for Conga and other hand percussion instruments. We learn through playing and sharing the power of the drum together. Students are expected to bring their own drums and percussion instruments. Some instruments are available to rent for use in class.  (This workshop, designed for adult students, is offered on an ongoing basis in Portland, ME)

Annegret teaches individual and group drumming classes and gives workshops throughout New England.

The role of drumming in West African music culture.
Her workshops include description of West African culture, and invite the direct participation of listeners in rhythmic training exercises including body percussion, movement and drumming.

Drumming for Dance
Annegret often incorporates African dance in her instruction. When she is joined by a dancer workshop participants are treated to a fast-paced, exciting display, witnessing the dynamic communication between the drummer and dancer, then experience it firsthand through their participation.

Gary's workshops include:


Presentations for guitarists of all levels, classes or individual lessons in Jazz, Blues, Latin, and Folk styles.  Topics include chord soloing, improvisation, comping, scale theory/application, rhythmic independence, and more.

Jazz Ensemble/Big Band  coaching

History of Rock and Roll
A video/lecture presentation tracing the development of today's popular styles from their African, European, and S. American roots.  Original artists are discussed/watched, plus the audience is engaged through simple clapping examples.  Gary also illustrates some styles on the guitar.

The Life and Music of Thelonious Monk
An in-depth look at one of the most unique and significant contributors to modern jazz through  biographic information, videos, and analysis of solos/compositions.  Gary adds insight gained through years of performing this music,  his own experiences with the Monk family and conversations with numerous musicians who worked with this jazz giant.

Barbara has taught guitar, dulcimer, music theory and improvisation for over 30 years.
Among her workshops and school residencies:

Instrument Building
Participants use recyclable materials at hand to build various types of instruments. This is often combined with a workshop in group improvisation. She also conducts residencies for dulcimer building and playing cardboard dulcimer made from kits.

Using instruments (both conventional and creatively constructed) along with vocalizing and body percussion participants are guided through the means and methods of improvising.

Sound Design for Theater
Barbara is also a theatrical sound designer and composer of scores for theater productions. She works with youth theatre programs conducting sound and vocal exercises, teaches workshops and lectures on sound design for college and high school theater students.