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Press Quotes

"Greatness can turn on any axis. Enter Shamou . . . he is ambidextrous in multiple drumming traditions, and by his work has defined for us a fresh tradition. Shamou is one of the world's musical wonders."
"SPIRIT DANCE is a conjuring work, a spell bound with words, not only sound. It is an excellent listening album, as pleasing to the ears as it is to the limbs."
-- Kyle F. Russell, Executive Publisher, Rhythm Music

"Shamou the legendary Persian percussionist . . . has been immortalized into a pantheon of performers . . . on the vivid wall mural painted by Daniel Galvez in Central Square, Cambridge."
-- Fred Rico, World Rhythm monthly, Boston, MA

"My goodness! Where have you been hiding him? I'm going to take him back to New York with me!"
-- Judith Jamison, Artistic Director, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre

"Listening to your voice singing at that level of spirituality. I wondered if it would affect the dancer's choice of movement . . . and it did."
-- Bill T. Jones, choreographer

"Those listening find themselves taken by surprise when they realize they are unconsciously dancing in place to the rhythm."
-- Stephanie Bouchard, Go Magazine - Portland Press Herald

"You're the King!"
-- Dave Rosenberg, WERS 88.9 FM, Boston, MA

"Shamou serves up potpourri of sound, a surreal architecture of pitches and timbers, ranging from sub-basement to the stratosphere of overtones, out of this world."
--Christopher Hyde, Portland Press Herald


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